image based modeling

I need some help on how to depict a particular set of pixels which i have chosen from an available image,on a 3d plane

As im very much a novice in openGL,i thot i would look for some help.any volunteers ? :slight_smile:

Hi !

If I understood you right you have a quad for example with a texture rendered on it and you want to be able to select some pixels from the texture ?

It could be a bit tricky, the most simple solution (if you don’t need that high resolution) would be to split the quad up in lots of small quads and then use selection, the precision would not be that great, it all depends what you are going to use it for.


actually its like this…

I first load an image…then a set of pixels are chosen from the image,say a set of pixels which form a road on the image…now i need to show this set of chosen pixels on a 3d plane so that i can show the same road with some depth value or elevation.

thanx :slight_smile:

You would need to either preprecoss the texture map to show these pixels and then apply to a quad and transfoprm etc, or maybe use a second tex map and blend the two, or use a text map as a mask…