I'm very new with OpenGL... please help

I’ve seen two types of GL dlls: OPENGL32.DLL/GLU32.DLL and OPENGL.DLL/GLU.DLL. One pair are MS dlls and the other are SGI? Which is better to use in a Windows game?
Another question: the MS dlls i have contain only OpenGL 1.1 and GLU 1.2 but I know that these aren’t the lastest version of them.
Where can I find (i look a lot of sites but nothing) the LASTEST versions of them and the lastest headers?

Sorry by these questions but I’m really confused.


opengl32.dll and glu32.dll is the way to go these days. Litterally all Win32-platforms got these files. The SGI-version was a better choise a while ago, since it was slightly faster at software rendering, but is no longer supported, and not everyone got these files.

And OpenGL 1.1 IS the latest version of opengl32.dll. The specifications for OpenGL 1.2 is out, and Microsoft should (at least that is what they say) ship an OpenGL 1.2 dll with the second service pack for Win2k (dunno about other operatingsystems). And at that time, I suppose the libraries/headers will be released aswell.

thanks! now everything is right!