I'm through with Spider3D

I’m not going to be releasing any new versions of Spider3D. Version 3.5 was the last version. I’ll be calling up my webhost sometime soon to cancel my account, so if you want to dl the last version of Spider3D you’d better do it soon(I think I payed for 2 months already, so it might be up a little while).

I think a quick explanation is in order. I’m going back to college to learn business because I’m going to manage a portion of my Dads business, and eventually run the whole thing. I will no longer have much time to dedicate any time to Spider3D.

This isn’t a fairwell btw. I just won’t be working on Spider3D any more.

Sod your dads business, get a job in sims/games. Everyone should carve their own path through life, not simply follow their dads.

OMG, no way! I love my Dads business. I hated the business when I was younger, but that was before the latest manufacturing technology. Most manufacturing is done by CNC machines now, and I was born to use one! We’re getting one and I can’t wait to start using it.

The three abreveations used in Computer aided design are:

CAM = Computer Aided Manufacturing
CAD = Computer Aided Design
CNC = Computer Numerical Control

Basicly, it’s a computer controled machine. We’re getting a 2 1/2 axis CNC router. Some other CNC machines are: lathes, mills, tube benders and more. I absolutly love this stuff…even more than programming.

Man, I wish I had a lathe, and a welder, and a milling machine. I build myself a…a spaceship.

I haven’t gotten down and dirty since metalworks in highschool.

So, what software will you be using for designing and for outputting the NC program.

I used one but didn’t get to interact with the machine. I saw one machine at a company, collecting dust. Must have been worth 100,000$
What a shame…

Mmmm CNC…

My wife & I did a tour of the Australian Institute of Marine Science near Townsville Qld (we were both studying Aquatic Science at the time - 9 or so years ago) and they had a CNC lathe there.

It was great. You put in what you wanted to create. Stuck in a dozen or so blocks of material and came back the next morning to collect your goodies. (Make a great vending machine)

The things I could build with one of those… Metal bowls, perspex bowls, glass bowls…

I can understand why you would be looking forward to playing with one of these toys.

What is it that your father manufactures (and what does a 2.5 axis router do)?

V-man, I’ll be using Rhino3D for the design end and VisualMill to produce the NC programs.

rgpc, actually, I said that wrong. For now we will be outputting 2.5 axis programs for the CNC machine. A 2.5 axis program doesn’t do slopes. The CNC machine we’re getting is a 3 axis machine, which can do slopes. So for now, the CNC machine we’re getting can do more than what we’re going to initially use it for.

There’s such a thing as a 5 axis CNC machine. Imagine a dremel on the end of an arm that has 5 axis. You can literally mount a block of wood down and have the CNC machine carve out a statue .

A 3 axis machine is limited to embossing.

Very neat stuff