Im such a newbie

Im a above advanced web dev. Im starting to learn C++ rather quickly because I want to get into game dev. Is there any sites for newbies to start learning how to make a 3D model display on screen? fullscreen or whatever. I dont even know where to start, I feel lost, what do I do?

I got a book and im trying to get into opengl. this site has links to tutorials, look under coding on the front page

a great site for newbies, intermediate and advanced game/3d graphics coders is

<sounds exasperated> but, hang on, the guy is a self-confessed NEWBIE. What on earth is a newbie doing messing around with opengl straight away, anyway? Look, even though you might well be dead keen to get into opengl because you REALLY want to write the enxt kick ass quake engine, there’s a STACK of stuff you really should—nay, NEED—to know about PROGRAMMING before you start even thinking about graphics stuff. For example, and these are just random topics off the top of my head:

  • when to use a for loop, a while loop, and a do loop
  • recursion
  • linked lists, graph theory, stacks, queues, trees, (oct trees, binary space partition trees, etc etc etc)
  • sorting algorithms
  • complexity analysis
  • algorithm design. object orientated design. when to use inheritence (and the penalty associated wiht virtual tables) rather than recoding a brand new class, etc etc
  • resource use. readers/writers problem. semaphores, mutual exclusion, dead locks
  • and so and so forth

urgh!! you should really learn to understand how to code before you start worring about more complex stuff. no, not EVERYTHING in graphics is complex, but you should really know how to walk before you start wearing flashy nike shoes and trying to run…


Woof, thats right! But everyone of programmers was born without of it really. It only depends on your interest and (oh my god!) TIME, that you are going to spend on it!