I'm stuck

I’m only on like the 5th or so mission where the ship crashes and you have to go pick up parts and restore your own ship - where the worms from tremors appear - anyhoo I can’t pick up the dang parts to carry them back to the ship what am I doing wrong?

Yes I know what I’m doing - not - Jedi academy is what I’m referring to

Unfortunatly this is the wrong forum to ask such a question.

This forum deals with OpenGL related problems and not how to solve games.

Sorry - I misunderstood “gaming help”

Thats no problem, it is meant as “getting your OpenGL games to work”, but I agree that it can be misleading and you are not the first person who got tricked into it.

Well, the subtitle is pretty specific:

“Questions from end-users on how to best use OpenGL with their hardware, applications & games”