I'm searching "OpenGL source code". Can sameone help me?

I’m searching for the OpenGL souce code
(OpenGL, GLU and GLUT)!!!
Help me, please!

my address is: dannar@tiscalinet.it

Thank you!

Check out the main page of this site for the links, they have LOTS of source code.

(try nehe.gamedev.net, and others…)

The actual code for the OpenGL libraries is not open source.


It is not the Offical openGL code but Mesa
(an OGL clone lib) is will probly do. you can get it at www.mesa3d.org


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Ciao dannar,
se vuoi un bel po’ di esempi fai un giro su http://www.spinningkids.org/umine

Se cerchi i sorgenti di OpenGL …bhe, non sono free.
Gli unici sono quelli di GLUT , Mesa3D e altre API ad alto livello…