I'm new to OpenGL and need help

I’m new to OpenGL. I have never used it before, and tried copying a sample program. However, when I try to #include an OpenGL library, it always tells me that it doesn’t exist. Could someone please tell me where to download them?

What’s the name of the file? glui.h? Did your prof just hand out the problem sheet?

This is a simple include issue, go look for the file you are including check if it’s the right one check your include path. etc. etc.

Be more specific… platform, OS, C/C++ compiler…

Anyway… try http://nehe.gamedev.net and look for tutorials.


well I just got my code working. Check out: http://www.opengl.org/resources/faq/getting_started.html for some good info on how to get setup and also a link to the glut downloads. you should be able to find the glut.h header somewhere in the stuff downloaded with glut. For the early program I’m working on, stdio.h and glut.h were the only headers i needed. The other two glu and gl were provided by my professor, so I’m not sure where to get that. Be sure to follow the instructions on that page about linking in the libraries to your compiler.