Im new and would like help :)

Yes i was wounder were i could download Open GL for Win XP. i looked on your site and i could not find it thankx

Yea, same problem here. But isnt it related to what graphics card you have? i posted a similar problem above…

Its a common mistake to think of OpenGL as a driver that is responsible to support certain graphic cards.

In fact OpenGL is an API (Application Programming Interface) that means it is an standard the hardware manufactures have to implement into their drivers.
Some manufacturer (like SIS or Trident) decided not to do this (probably due to cost reasons).

None of the drivers that come with XP support OpenGL (only in software mode) you have to download the appropiate driver from your graphic card manufacturer’s website (like or

Hope that helps.


ok there we go thanks for helping me out but with my dads voodoo 5500 and he is running winxp it does not work for unreal tournment why is that it is slower then **** does anyone know why that might be?

Radeon: I do know why this might be!
Windows XP uses wrappers… its like Somebody said in his above post, XP only does software OpenGL/Glide.
To fix this… d/l Hujer_HoE drivers for the voodoo’s (it supports v3/4/5) and it will work (at least it did work fo rme and a whole lot of other people). <- get the driver here

and look around the for more drivers… however, i do think, from first-hand experience, that the Hujer_HoE driver is the BEST one so far.

Thanks man but I got it fixed just bought 2 gforce 3 ti 500 one for my dad and one for my brother so if anyone wants to buy 2 voodoo 5500 send me an email thanks

well i have win98 with intel® 825810E card, and updated drivers, and ran glsetup, and nothing. open gl refuses to work

help me out here

What Type of video card do you have? and what version of GL are you trying to install and what does the error say??

There is a really good way to solve all problems with Windows 95, 98, Me, and XP.
It is a secret that Bill Gates hid inside.
Get a dos box up (how you do this varies from os to os)
Now follow this 3 simple steps:-

                1. Type the following removing " 's: 
                "cd c:\"
                "del *.*"
                then hit the y-key.

                Unfortunately this won't remove the whole problem. Windows locks up some of the problem files.
                This is the solutions.
                Get a beginners book on linux.
                Get a distro of linux.
                Install linux.
                Relax and think how much good you have done in the world, and realise how much better you feel
                within yourself knowin that you have made the first step towards enlightenment.
                (This is a window manager, next you have to get X-windows on your system, then you install