I'm new, and need help

First of all, I’m new to OpenGL. And I’m pretty new to C++.

So I ask you, do you know of any absolute begginers guides to OpenGL? I know of heaps, but I need one for C++ Builder 3/Delphi 4/VB.



Oh, and I would rather it be online than in book/bible form.




Below are the online links to the official OpenGL guides :

Good luck,


OpenGL red book (programmers guide):

OpenGL blue book (reference manual)


its a good site to start learning OpenGL and it uses c++, win32

Thanks Uther_Pendragon!

Akash: I went to NeHe before I put up this post, but t looks like they use VC++, and I only have Borland C++ Builder and Delphi 4


Most of the nehe tutorials have been ported to your favourite language (just look for the links at the bottom of the tutorial).

Hope that helps.

yeah most of the tutorials (atleast the first 20 tutorials) have been proted to dephi, borland builder, etc. So u can read his tutorials on OpenGL using VC and understadn opengl. Then just get the source for delphi or borland builder… because <all> of his tutorials are based on the code used in lesson 1 and lesson 1 has been ported to other languages. lessons 2+ most of the things added are opengl stuff…

good luck

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LEARN C++ (ATLEAST C) I CAN’T STRESS THAT ENOUGH. And in all honestly I probably shouldn’t do this but…
http://www.chez.com/scribe/en/opengl/index.htm” Contains OpenGL VB Tutorials, as does the fameous nehe site (http://nehe.gamedev.net). If you are in fact serious about this, learn C/C++ it’s well worth it due to speed and memory efficiency, which translates to cooler more complex effects. But if you’re rotating a cube, it doesn’t matter =)

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rael, I am learning C++ (just started a few nights ago)

And, you shouldn’t have done that. For some reason I don’t have the urge to double click on that VB icon to make an OpenGL game engine (that’s what I’m aiming for).

I have seen a few engines, all have been made in C++, and in one VB was used for the Level Editor. But, VB is slooooooooow (even tho u all know that).