I'm having trouble using instanced rendering. I have provided a minimal example.


What does it render so far?

I have done some simple videos on instanced rendering on my youtube channel, just FYI, here’s a link:

First a video on instancing (at least one way to do it!):


Then my channel link:



You really need to provide more information; people will be more inclined to help if you put more effort into the question.

Right now you have a code dump and a vague statement that you’re having trouble. That tells us nothing useful. Right now people will have to read your code dump and maybe you have an obvious bug in there but maybe you don’t. They’ll have to compile it, work out dependencies, run it and examine the results.

All without knowing what kind of trouble you were having.

So, help us to help you. Describe the trouble. Tell us what you expect to happen. Tell us what actually did happen. Tell us what didn’t happen.