I'm having a serious problem and need help please.

I run several 3d applications, for example 3ds Max.
One day, my 3ds max just suddenly crashed and I was very surprised.
I changed its graphic mode to direct 3d, and it stopped crashing since then.
But I recently found out that something with my OpenGL is wrong. The game Jedi Academy also suddenly crashes, as well as another openGl - using application I use for 3d model production.

I’m really desperate and already tryed around with different drivers. I have a Geforce 6800, an Asus P4U800-X Motherboard, an Intel Pentium 4 with 2,4 Ghz and 512 Megabyte Ram.

Please, I’m begging you, help me out because I seriously need to get it work.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

That’s weird.
I’m guessing some file is corrupt. I would try to uninstall the driver and perhaps get a registry cleaner, then reinstall.

A registry cleaner?
But doesn’t that screw up all my programs?

Thanks for the info anyway :wink:

Pleae, I’m begging you - help me :frowning:

I have tryed everything I know and still haven’t found a solution.
I need my openGL to work properly :slight_smile:

Please, this forum is my last help.

There is suppose to be a program that cleans up all traces of the nvidia driver installation. I don’t know the name, so ask around.
Try running the demo on this page

If opengl32.dll was corrupt, delete it and XP or 2k will copy a fresh one to the system32 folder.

Thanks, I deleted the opengl32.dll .
I don’t know if it works now.
And this demo, I downloaded the one with the spheres. It doesn’t even start :confused:

I’m confused,…

Do you mean this registry cleaner?

I did what you said about the driver cleaner and so on, but the problem stayed.

“Do you mean this registry cleaner?”

Sounds like it.

Try installing the chipset drivers, then the video drivers.

What’s the difference between the chipset drivers and the video drivers?
I thought they were in one package.

the chipset is the physical chip on the motherboard…in my case my graphic “card” IS a chip…the video drivers deal with the physical card that you plug into the slot on the motherboard…

Ok, I understand that, but I never saw 2 drivers for one card. I mean, a driver comes in one install.

If there was just a solution for my problem. I’m getting pretty desperate :frowning:

There is 1 driver for each thing.

The mobo chipset driver is 1. This contains optimized and bug fixes for the AGP port and whatever.
The drivers Windows installs is ancient history.
Install and reboot.
Try www.asus.com

The video card driver (www.nvidia.com).
Install and reboot.