Illegal operation.. or something

ok , ALL of my opengl32 programs or games causes illegal operation (if thats what they call it) and the game doesnt start at all…
What should i do… i have tried replacing my old opengl32.dll with new one… doesnt work!
So if you can please help me… i am going crazy cant play cs :stuck_out_tongue:

Some cheap and bad video cards does not support OpenGL. If you get a illegal instruction error can some file be missed or damaged. Try to install the latest drivers.

sounds like more of a code error than a GL error you sure the code is sound?
check for overrun arrays or if memory is not allocated properly and your accessing memory thats not there.

over accessing an array is the most common cause of this error.

and if i doesnt run on Professional apps such as games or whatnot…i need to know what Video card are you using? and have you updated the drivers? Are you running out of ram?