Illegal Operation - NVOPENGL.DLL

I just bought Star Trek Elite Force.
I’ve got two computers. One that runs the game great. The second crashes everytime I try to run STEV. The error is an illegal operation. Specifically states “STVOYHM executed an invalid instruction in module NVOPENGL.DLL at 017f:6950103d” I’ve tried Glsetup and every possible version of Nvidia TNT drivers and Creativelabs drivers out there. I still get the error. Any help would be appreciated.

System Specs:

200 mhz Winchip
81 mbs of RAM
Creativelabs Graphics Blaster Riva TNT 16mbs
6 gb hard drive
Windows 98 SE
DirectX 8.0


I was having the same exact problem. No one seemed to be able to help. I exhausted every possible means of finding a solution. I began to experiment. I tried something and it fixed the problem perfectly.

I’ve got the 7.17 Nvidia reference drivers installed (after trying every version, Glsetup, etc.). Go to the display properties menu. Click on Advanced Settings. You should have all of the Nvidia Control Panel Tabs available now. Click on the Nvidia Riva TNT properties box. Then click on Additional Riva TNT properties. you will have three tabs: Direct3D settings, OpenGL Settings, and Taskbar Utility. Click on the OpenGL Settings. Under Peformance and Compatibility Options. There is a scrolling box with lots of options to either check or uncheck. Scroll to the bottom. At the very bottom there is an option entitled “Disable Support for Enhanced CPU Instruction Sets.” It is unchecked right now. Check the box. Close out all of those windows then run the game. it worked perfectly for me. Hope this helps.