i'll paypal 10$ to the first person who can tell me how to extrude along a path :(

Have you tried that solution with an “S” shaped path? I’d be very surprised if it worked without pinches in your extrusion.

well if you are referring to me.
well my origional query was creating a local coord system from only 2 sequential points or a vector and a point;

but now that i think about it it would probably not pinch at all. as long as s and t stayed constant. and if you wanted rotation you would just have st and t rotate in a 2d fashion. i don’t see why it wouldn’t work. its the same technique as texture mapping i think maybe. and since textures don’t pinch i don’t see why an s curve would. i’m sure i’ll get around to trying it someday. its just droping down to 2d space like i origionally thought but doing it right rather.

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