IGES and STEP214 CAD format models

I have some models in IGES and STEP214 CAD formats for my opengl simulation. But now i was looking for a way to get these models actually in my app.
Does anybody know how to do or a URL where to start looking?


We have a license for the ST-Developer from http://www.steptools.com
You can develop royalty-free applications with it. The toolkit basically loads IGES and STEP data into some sort of run-time database, and you have to write your code to convert it into whatever data for OpenGL.


I just had to do the same thing with IGES (don’t need STEP yet). If you want to learn how to read in IGES files yourself, you can purchase the official 5.3 Spec from US Product Data Assoc. for $360. https://www.uspro.org/

Or you can start with this incomplete unofficial spec found here: http://www.iges5x.org/archives/version5x/

I didn’t have any luck finding any other sources (documentation or libraries) to load IGES files. If you like, email me and I’ll try to help you any specifics of the format.


many thanks.

The problem with IGES is that there really isn’t one unique IGES format.

Well, you can find specs but IGES is highly customisable and you’ll find many different flavours, especially for some specific entities (sorry none of them comes to my mind right now but I could have a look).

We use Rhino3D here to convert between file formats. Rhino offers something like 20 different flavours of IGES. If I remember correctly, only one or two of them are suitable for use with our CFD code…