If you want to load JPEGs in OGL read this!

Ok, many people ask (myself included) about loading JPEGs. I made a little example of a program that loads JPEGs using the Intel JPEG Library…If you had problems using that library or dont understand it, check the example at http://www.robals.f2s.com/easyjpeg/

If you think it was helpful, tell me.

Why not use Open Image Library? www.openil.org

Loads pretty much any file format.


Thats only an example for the people that dont know how to load JPEGs and dont want to get inside any library…I tried OpengIL and didnt like it…

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I know what you mean. I dont like the way it flips images, depending on what file format it is. (well not flips, but comes through upside down sometimes) Bit annoying that. I asked the author to change it, but he refused.

He might very well listen to others though.