if camera collides with terrain

hi folks, i would like to hear your insights on this.

i think i understand now, how to do a simple collision detection, but what should be the response when a collision occurs.
it seems to me i would want my camera to move up the hill, but depending on what factors to you increase the y-value and x/z-values.


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i would imagine that you would simply need to modify your y (vertical direction) so it equals the y (height) of the hill.
this is dependant on what the height of hill at your current lateral position x,z.
your x and z values will not change, other than from your existing “moving” operations and providing that you do not want to change the angle of your x to match the angle of the hill you are ascending (otherwise your view will fill up with a closeup of the hill itself).
clear as mud?

clear as mud and thanks

it never occured to me that i could just use the point of impact as y-values.
thanks a lot

also u might wanna slide but then again for a camera u prolly wont
anyways the formula for that is
new V = V - ( N*(dot(V,N))
V = velocity camera
N = normal of ground