idSoftware engines

I would like to know in which programming language create idSoftware engines for PC. In Assembler, C or C++ ?

Thanks for your answer.


find it out yourself.
tipp1: older engines: download sourcecode
tipp2: newest engine: doom3: download the video. you see parts of john carmacks code.
tipp3: read .plan of carmack and you know everything. or read in this forum. or read in other forums. or read somewhere else.
tipp4: c/c++ in the newest ones…


DOOM, Quake, and Quake ii are all 99% written in pure C. Assembly is used for critical parts that require special optimization such as polygon filling and shading routines.
DOOM 3 is written in C++, and I still don’t know if any asm is used.

Hope this help.