ids and semantics in a Collada file describing a morph

I have exported a scene from Maya which has an animating face (created with blendShape and multiple targets).

In the output file there are ids of the form:


Is this a valid id? The (1) is used as part of the id name and not part of a reference to an <array> element.

I understand that weight-array(1) is valid if weight-array is the id of an <array> type node, with (1) indicating the index of the element in the array.

Secondly the file contains param’s with no name value:

<param name="" type="float" flow="OUT"/>

Is this invalid?

“Face-lib-weights(1)-animation-input” is in fact not a valid id. And an empty string in the <param>'s name attribute is also invalid. The validation tests that we ran last week wasn’t happy about these two :).

I fixed this on Moday, though. Can you try the latest build that was released on Tuesday, please?

Also, while on the subject of blend shapes and conformance: there was no fully conformant way to express blend shapes in Collada. If you have any ideas on how to improve it, from your experience, I’m all ears!


Guillaume Laforte
Feeling Software Inc.