Ides for senior project?

Hey guys, next semester I have to do my senior project and I was thinking about doing it on OpenGL. I am not a newbie I’ve done a few things but its just the idea I can’t come up with. I could do a simple game but I don’t want to do one thats been overdone so many times. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

It maybe worthwhile for you to read some of the papaers in SIGGRAPH for the past couple years.
I personally don’t like the idea of doing a game for senior project. But it is my personal bias that games are not appreciated that much by the person that grades you.

You could do a 3D version of hunt the wompus…

Showing my age…

well I was not going to do a game but I can’t really think of anything else to do with opengl. Its a great tool but I don’t think they would like it that much if I just showed some examples of what it can do. I was thinking of doing a simple modeling program but thats gets complicated quickly.

Just a few suggestions… visualising water, a maze, animation of someone running/walking/jumping etc, a teaching applet of e.g. solar system…

These are some of the things I had to chose from for my final project at uni…

Hope this is of some help


Senior in college or high school?

If college, what’s your minor? What other areas of interest? Draw upon them.

You went to Uni?? Are you kidding me??!! I go to high tech high but its in the same area (san diego that is), and yes, we have higher math scores than you (I think)

But back to the topic - For my senior project I will probably:

Develope a new way of drawing terrain efficiently.

Develope a new way of drawing models with easily scaleable level of detail.

Or at least implement a current way in a new fashion. If I were you I would highly consider something along the lines of terrain or model rendering because they make good eye candy and can have some pretty cool math behind em.

Senior in college, my minor is math(fun). Simulation would be interesting, I was thinking of doing maybe a simple physics example but then I have to get into exact collision and thats a bitch.

Originally posted by 31337:
You went to Uni?? Are you kidding me??!! I go to high tech high but its in the same area (san diego that is), and yes, we have higher math scores than you (I think)

eh? me? I’m in my final year at Hull uni (UK)… not quite San Diego


My prof. are not the smartest, usually people do stupid things for their senior projects…websites, they help a teacher makes notes/quizes. I want to do something ‘COOL’. I was thinking maybe a simple physics engine that showed off some basic 3d physics with cool graphics but physics is not my string point.

Ok detzel, I was savin’ this for myself, but seein’ as you’re in need… Set up a 3d vector field:

V(x,y,z) = f(x,y,z) x_hat + g(x,y,z) y_hat + h(x,y,z) z_hat

Where V is, say, electical field, or gravitational field, or some made-up force-field. Then have a source where you can blast particles into the scene from – maybe have it moveable with key strokes.

Have the particles move according to V. That is, F/m = d^2 v / dt^2 where you compute force F based on V (and F, V, and v are all vector quantities of course).

What you’ll end up with is a cool particle vortex of sorts. Perhaps you could even have the vector field something the user configures in a separate text file. Sounds pretty cool to me anyways.


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I’m currently in the final planning stages of my final year project. Title: “Java & OpenGL simulator for simple robots and adaptable sensors”.

Reading a lot of published papers helped me a great deal in determining what area I wanted to focus on.

jmg: that sounds really cool but I don’t think I could handle such a project!
Another idea I had was to make a 3D database viewer/editor, anyone think there would be any interest in that?

That’d be awsome! So like having a 3d interface for viewing databases? Man that’d be fun to use…