Identifying animation "action"?

I really can’t find a proper description for this. When handling animations, we have the <animation> with its ID, sources, params and stuff. From that information I can get most of the data I need to process it. Let’s say I have a sampler with an animation curve: How do I know if that sampler is supposed to translate, scale or rotate the target? Yes, most files will give you clear indications, Blender usually give the sampler a very verbose ID like “Cube_location_X-sampler”. While I could use this, other 3d applications will use “Cube.translate”, “Cube.trans”, “Cube.pos” etc.

So my question is: What is the proper way of figuring out the target action a sampler should perform? I really feel like I’m missing something here…

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Nevermind, figured it out. You just have to find the correct <translate>, <rotate> and <scale> elements using the target IDs.