IBM T221

Hey all,

I was wondering if any of you have used or have any information about the new IBM hi resolution monitor. I have heard it doesn’t support openGL, if so, how can it access the pixels on the monitor, what kind of software should be used?

Any info would be appreciated.

I’m not sure how a monitor wouldn’t support OpenGL, the video card in your computer (which probably does support opengl if it’s even somewhat recent) will just feed a signal to the monitor to be drawn, which would just be raw pixels.

In fact, a quick Google search with the keywords “IBM T221 opengl” turned up this result, which is a page at IBM showcasing Chromium, a cluster based Opengl rendering system, running on a T221 display.

Looks like you heard wrong!

Hmmm I read that the display is shipped with a Matrox G200 card (which only has limited OpenGL support).

I guess thats where the “dosnt support OpenGL” stuff comes from.

Otherwise Yakuzza is right (as always)

Thanks much. The “doesn’t support openGL” part actually came from an apparently uninformed exhibitor in a coference! Thanks again.

Interesting about the Matrox card, I didn’t read that far.

And thanks, Nothing!