I found two links :



The first one is the registry thing you mentioned :


  • Enable OpenGL for Intel i740 under Windows 2000 (info from NT Game Palace):
    To enable OpenGL do the follow (Special Thanks go to Anthony Toste for that tip):
    All you need is the win9x drivers from that copy gfxhelp.exe, gfxgldev.dll, gfxglicd.dll to c:\winnt\system32\ folder & you need to add this line to the Registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, “Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\OpenGLDrivers”,“gfxdrv”,“gfxglicd”.
  • i810 Drivers for Windows 2000 available at ftp://download.intel.com/design/motherbd/ca/w2k_dsk1.exe (Disk 1) and ftp://download.intel.com/design/motherbd/ca/w2k_dsk2.exe (Disk 2).

I tried to do this registry thing, but didn’t succeed, maybe you have better luck?
(keep me posted)

The second link says :

INTEL: i740
w2K i740 reference driver for Win2000.

w2K Unofficial I740 reference driver for Win2000 (based on Intel PV 3.0). With OpenGL ICD support.

Especially the second file seems interesting, but i can’t dld it, maybe you can (or maybe you find another site where this file is).

Could you keep me posted???

sorry, the second link was :

Can you check Hardware acceleration in the Direct3d options of directx, i can’t…
This means i can only play software direct3d games… so for now no fifa2002 for me
Can you (WaDaFa) check this box under XP to play directx games using hardware direct3D?

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intel i740(or diamond steatlth II g460) with winxp