I740, Quake 2 and Linux problems

I have a I740 graphic card, and a multiboot OS configured computer, while I’m in Win9X almost all OpenGL based games runs fine… recently I been trying Red Hat Linux 7.0, and when I try to play the game (Quake2) in OpenGL mode, it fall back in software mode

I run it using the Mesa and SVGALib that comes with this distribution… I think they are Mesa 3.3 and SVGALib 1.4.1
The 256 color runs fine using soft and softx render, but when I try to use the “+set vid_ref gl” parameter the game say that it can open a driver called opengl32 and a file or directory not found message remains in the quake console, if I use the “+set gl_driver libMesaGL.so” extra parameter the game say the same thing but with a diferent file or drivername, something refered to a Glide or something, I check the Mesa and SVGALib installations with RPM because they come with the distribution and everything it’s fine.

Can anyone help me.
I will appreciate this a lot!

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