i32f texturearray DMA streaming problems

Trying to use glMap/glUnmap (PBO) instead of glTexSubImage3D to update subrects in array texture’s layer with new data. But after unmapping buffer and calling glTexSubImage3D with null “pixels” argument subrect of layer is always updated with black pixels. does i32f texture arrays could be streamed with PBO? or maybe i`m missing some simple things?

up? T_T

If you post more info, driver, os, hw and piece of code we can tell you more… Right now… it can be your bug, or driver bug or hardware doesnt support feature.

i`m trying to run my code on GF 8800 GTX under winXP with drivers v6.14.11.7779 (26.07.2008). right now cant post my dma streaming code, i had deleted it :slight_smile: cos it wasn’t working…