I want to start some :)

Hey… I am new to C++ and stuff… been doing it for about 4 months now…

is making graphics with it hard? I really want to do some of this OpenGL stuff… I was talking to my next year’s teacher who is a little more knowledgable and said it wasxnt that hard… I will learn it next year, but thats 6 months away… Any tips/tutorials? I basically want to create an enviorment… later i could get into height maps and land textures…

OpenGL basic is not so hard to use, it gets more difficult as far as you need more complex effects.
Check out the redbook in the documentation section ore look for tutorials such as the ones at nehe.gamedev.net.
Only problem you might encounter at first will probably be to link all the correct libraries to your app, then you can start trying openGL out!
Good work!
Byez =8)!

i got something up… trying to analyze how it does it… basically just copied code to mess with… http://www.thespear.net/cpp/walls.rar
its pretty cool :slight_smile:

Check out NeHe’s tutorials, especially No.10:
This one is about moving in 3D world.