i want to get opengl lib files

I want to get windows.h
I use Windows98/turboc/TNT2/64M but I can’t find the files in my system(I have down the file “opengl95.exe”,and have execute the file).
I am new user and who can help me?
My email:lusong@cnnb.net.
many thanks

Like I told moshambo in another thread: you could possibly get GL tow work with older borland compilers like turbo c, but I guarantee you headaches.

Forget about Turbo C - you can still use it to edit your programs, but get the free 5.5 command line tools for compiling and linking. If you must use the turbo c compiler, you will likely have to edit your gl header files to get them to compile. And if you still want to go through with all that, you can use the tool called tlib or tdump (at least i think that’s what it’s called with turbo c - look for something lib or dump) on opengl32.dll to get the lib files.

Oh, and by the way, if you don’t have windows.h in your include directory, you’re really up a creek. Ditch that compiler - if it doesn’t have windows.h it’s not even a windows compiler.

ok, I have got dephi 6,and V c++.
but I don`t know which is better.
and the next step is what?