i want opengl library source files

hi…i am new to opengl i am tring to implement opengl driver for my graphics card…and i want to port it onto vxworks

i need all the driver source file like gl library source filesand glut library source files corresponding to vxworks or another platform so that i will be able to port to vxworks in which all glut function (glutInit(),glutInitDisplayMode() etc)and all gl functions(like glClear(),glEnable()) definition should be there.

please help me i will be grateful to all of you
thanks in advance


hi i want to build one simple opengl application onto vxworks .
but i dont have opengl and glut library driver source files

so please help me from where i can get the source files of gl and glut library so that i feel better with opengl

thx in advance


Hardware accelerated drivers are generally proprietary. NVidia’s and AMD’s drivers are closed source. You cannot get the source for those. Mesa3d provides a software implementation of OpenGL, so that may be helpful. Check out this page for info and downloads for GLUT.

The point of OpenGL is that it is not necessary to need custom code to run on a particular graphics card. Drivers hide behind the interface that is OpenGL and theoretically the programmer doesn’t need to know too much about what goes on behind the scenes. I’m curious to know what you plan to do with the source of these libraries.

Actually we bought a graphic card (fujitsu ltd) for avionics and defence and we are using the vxworks OS now vxworks does’t have the gl and glut liraries.

i checked supporting things for my card it supports glut 3.7 (i got the source files after your reference(thx for that) now i want source of opengl interface libraries after that i will be able to port these things on my platform and will get the compiled libraries.

If you use some esoteric OS and some esoteric graphics card, you need to either ask the manufacturer of that OS / hardware whether they have OpenGL support, or use some software rasterizer like Mesa. Although that certainly won’t work out of the box, at least some back-end will need to be tailored specifically to that OS.

In any case, i think you are in for a wild ride.

Good luck,

hi… how are you

i am very new to openGL i am studing some very basic concepts of openGL and Glut Related function

i tried to map a rectangle onto window position through reference of bible book…

but i did’t get “” How openGL maps Cartesian cordinates to window position"" and how to know where it will place the drawn rectangle by cartesian cordinates into window(i mean i am confused about position of rectange in window also…)

please help me …