I want a GL Extension! glDrawIndexElements_EXT !

Pls check this:
If I want to use the datas from 3DSMAX’s *.ASE.I really need a extension to accelerate GL rendering.Cos the datas in ASE is:
Vertex List:…
Normal List:…
TexCoord List:…

Triangle List:
Triangle 1:
VertexIndex 1,VertexIndex 2,VertexIndex 3,
NormalIndex 1,NormalIndex 2,NormalIndex 3
TexCoordIndex 1,TexCoordIndex 2,TexCoordIndex 3
Triangle 2:


Triangle 250:
so, I can use :

then use a new GL extension like this to draw:
glDrawIndexElements_EXT(GL_TRIANGLES,250,pIndexVertex,pIndexNormal,pIndexTexCoord) .

Why there’s no such extension now?

This has been discussed several times before, including here: http://www.opengl.org/discussion_boards/ubb/Forum3/HTML/005059.html

Of special interest in that thread is jwatte’s post, which provides code for turning separately indexed arrays like yours into a single one.

– Tom

See OpenGl 2.0 proposals, what you suggested is called there “Multi Index Array”