i wanna help

listen i was here a few days ago when i was having g3 problems and opengl, i was so sad to see so many people with troubles, i never heard of such a thing as not getting opengl to work, i have always had it from pci voodoo3 on a compaq 133 to present.
the problem i had was a power supply issue and eventualy burned the g3 or currupted its bios, i tried two other cards and both had no trouble.
with win 98 , 98se, me, 2k, or xp open gl at least with nvidia products should not be an issue.
if you do a formatt, a clean install, a full uprade, all drivers, then load the game you want , it will work.

i can see maybe some older voodoo issues, but really i have two working fine, that play cs, and q2, q3. all open gl.

the only time i ever had trouble was when i loaded secondary gl wrappers and stuff.
remember that wicked gl thing, ick!
you guys with win xp and me, and voodoo or nvidia are just doing something wrong, maybe installed the os over another and didnt format, i dunno,the cards can do them , the drivers are out there.
if you have via chipset , win xp does not require you to load 4 in 1 drivers, if you have even 1 bios setting wrong this could be it, once i had a bad ide cable that lead me to all sorts of expenses before i realized i overlooked it, check the simple stuff first , power supply, cables, os and updates, and driver support for all devices, the try a clean install on a freshly formated drive, start from scratch with a small or replacement drive so you dont have to loose all your stuff or back it up now.

again unless its a heat issue, a driver or bios issue, then open gl should be running fine.
on all os’s with any voodoo or nvidia card.

if you want some help , lets look at 1 problem at a time, this forum is overloaded with repeat posts, and no answers, right now i have a cirrus logic 5465 , and a p2 266 with 64 mbs of ram running win xp pro and plays open gl games like a champ!,

all the way to this xp athlon 1.5 ghz system g4ti 4400 same!!

let me help, i know i can straighten out a few of ya anyway i promise, and im patient, but theres no way im going through all these posts, so read this, post back with problem , specs, and any pertinent info and i will try seriously to help you out.
im also at lumper@snet.net for email if this gets too long or lost just send me an emal and ill help ya that way, or win messenger same lumper@snet.net

lol, ok so everyone has fixed there problems? great good work , i figured there would be a lot of responses, oh well off to play cs then cya