I’ve just released my OpenGL game. Everybody invited to play and test.

I’ve just released my OpenGL game.

You can download it here: http://mirror1.sunnygames.com/download/BrixoutXP_Demo_v10.exe (4.5 Meg)

Description of the game, engine and screenshots can be found here: http://www.sunnygames.com/brixout.html

In case of any problem feel free to get in touch at mailto:support@sunnygames.com

Any feedback is really appreciated.

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cool game…to bad I suck at these…

I’ve just released update to the demo. You can download it here: http://mirror1.sunnygames.com/download/BrixoutXP_Demo_v097.exe (4.7 Mb)
In this version:

  • fixed bug with some models of TFT monitors;
  • motion of the camera was made smoother;
  • added EXTRA-LIFE feature;
  • fixed some other bugs.

Any feedback is appreciated.

graphically its beautiful,
couple control suggestions
make the key control a little less sensitive
and on the menu maybe a little more sensitivity for the mouse


umm iuno exactly how i did this, but right after losing a life between spawning a new ball or whatnot, i pressed something… clicked something, not sure, but the ball didn’t display (sounds and everything still worked as if ball was in play)…
i imagine somewhere in the code you can find what im talking about :-/
it happened when i almost spilled my coke and i kinda hit the keyboard funny… (right when i lost my life)…


yo, the screenshots look great. I was wondering since I just started off how long it take you to get this produce up I’m going along the same like so I need a kind of projection, thanks. Maybe we can get together and do somethings in the near future, I’m interest.

I’ve just released a new version of BrixoutXP 0.98

New version can be found here:
http://mirror1.sunnygames.com/download/BrixoutXP_Demo_v098.exe (4.5 Meg)


  1. joystick / gamepad support;

  2. added control menu (now player can change paddle speed);

  3. added low-resoltion modes (320240, 400300, 480360 É 512384);

  4. now player can change display frequency;

  5. level geometry and engine optimization (additional fps to the owners of low-end PC’s)

  6. fixed minor bugs;

Any feedback is appreciated.

I’ve just released a pre-release version of BrixoutXP 0.99
New version you can find here: http://mirror1.sunnygames.com/download/BrixoutXP_Demo_v099.exe (4.5 Meg)

  1. Enhanced joystick / gamepad support;

  2. Renewed sound engine;

  3. General optimization;

  4. Fixed minor bugs;

Any feedback is appreciated.

P.S. Thanks to Rob The Bloke, you will get the full version for free

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Tried it…

what has this thred with ogl todo?

Some constructive critics:
Mice is TOO FAST !
Keyboard should have some Inteligence in it
to emulate mouse behaviour (speed depends on situation)
You should get the powerup if you go ower it and not only when it falls on you - it just perturbd me.
Key repeat! Seems to me that you use DInput - but i stil want key repeat and i DON’T care how dificult it is to be made.
Allso lots of input did get lost -> dont use the key array thing - it’s evil!
… dont remember more …

Note: I was able to end the first level only once (easiest mode), and that only because
the ball did go betwen blocks trough and in one turn cleared nearly all of the level -> lots of powerups falling -> next level.
Some real playability problems here…

Note: on my graphic card the scenes are full of errors - but i am sure the problem is at my side (but i am sure they would disappear when it wouldn’t use quads so much)

Originally posted by Optimizer:
P.S. 10 people who will find the most number of bugs, make valuable suggestions about the game, find error / misspellings in the game or on the web-site will get the game for free.
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Is that me - or is it really somewhat out of place?

EDIT: I did notice that i might not have the latest version - so, if some of it is fixed - ignore my comments on that.

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Fine, okay, we know, please stop spamming the board whore.

I’ve just release the official version of Brixout XP 1.0. It can be found here:
http://mirror1.sunnygames.com/download/BrixoutXP_Demo_v10.exe (4.5 Meg)

Thanks to everybody for testing and help. As I promised I’ll get in touch with 10 the most active testers and provide them with the link to the full game.

TO youspamwhore Do not worry this is the my last announcement in this thread.