I think my computer needs updating

Here is the problem.
I have a computer made by “Singer”. The mouse only has one button and at times is unresponsive. The printer doesn’t take normal ink, but uses reels. I don’t know any computer shop which sells these. I think there is a problem with the fan, because whenever i use the mouse, it starts making loud noises. I have also recieved injuries from it when i have tried to pull the paper from out of the printer. I was stabbed in a seemingly random yet subtle intricate way. Also it didn’t come with a monitor. The manual didn’t mention anything about one, so I assumed it was a line-printing terminal like I used at university where I studied sea -mistressing. I can tell you I’ve sea-mistressed some men in my time.

So here is my question. Should I upgrade or not?

If you want to use a computer you need to step away form the sewing machine first. Then go to your local Bust Buy or Circuit City and pick yourself up a 2,000 dillor computer.

How ever if your Bill Gates?, you need more help than can legally be provided here.

he he he

Nice post!!

Nice, but I think it misses the mark a little, if you meant to make fun of common questions here. The more common are:

  • How do I install OpenGL?
  • OpenGL doesn’t work (and damned if I tell you what OS, graphics card or game I’m having trouble with)

First, someone please tell me where I could find a “Bust” Buy here in Florida. That would be nice when I’m shopping for bra’s. And someone also tell us what country uses “dillors.” lol…