I need your help!!!

I’ve got a great problem!

I need to create a timeline like in Quick Time or Windows Media Player. With my program I want to run 3D-Animations and for that I need this timeline.

Please help me!

This sounds like something you would do with a Windows control, not with OpenGL. This is a Windows program, no?

What do you mean by Windows programm?

I use Microsoft Visual C++ under windows, did you mean that?

No offense, but if you don’t understand what starman means by a Windows program, you may be getting in over your head here.

What he meant was a program compiled to be run under Windows. Not Linux, Not Mac, not any of the countless other OSes out there.

With that in mind, I think a simple slider control could fit your needs. If you’re not sure what this is, you should look into doing a bit more Windows programming.

I’m not that fit in enlish, that’s why I didn’t understand, what starman means.

I want a program that runs under windows and a slider control seems what I need, but how do I create a slider?

Your IDE (Visual C++, Borland CPP Builder, etc.) should have a toolbar that lets you drag and drop a slider onto the form. Depending on which one you use, you’ll have to write some code behind it and configure its properties (and perhaps hook up those god awful message maps if you’re using VC++). Your IDE documentation should have everything you need for the particular control you want.

I’d strongly suggest Borland CPP Builder. I’ve created simple GUIs, but they are a snap with BCPPB. A lot easier than what I remember with VC++.

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