I need to find a download...

I just got a new Dell Inspiration 5150 with a XPI Volario XP5 graphics card and I tried putting StarWars: Knights of the Old Republic. Problem is the game said I don’t have OpenGL and thats all thats wrong. So I need to download the driver onto my system. I can’t find jack squat on XPI’s web page and they arent answering my questions. So any Ideas where I can find an OpenGL?

Dell development should be flogged for putting that card in their new notebooks.

xgitech.com says…
OpenGL ICD 1.2 and 1.3

SW:KOTOR says…
32 MB OpenGL 1.4 compatible PCI or AGP 3D Hardware

Its usually part of the display driver package.

This should be the Reactor 1.05 package in your case but please bear in mind that XGI isnt exactly a brand name and neigher their hardware or their driver are top-notch in terms of speed and quality.

You could try this little utility to check out what OpenGL is currently in use:


If it says: “Microsoft Generic GDI” & “V1.1”

the XGI OpenGL ICD:

  • did not register/install properly
  • isnt used for various reasons (desktop set to 256 colors, Matlab installed, a antivirus program stopped essential updates of the registry, …)

I am not sure if KOTOR supports the XP5, have you checked the readme that comes with the game?

Damn, Uh you beat me again :slight_smile:

I guess I have to learn to type quicker :wink:

That program said I have OpenGL version 1.3. SWKotOR needs OpenGL 1.4. I still can’t find anything in XGI’s page. What can I do?

Well, you cant. Like Uh said the XP5 only supports OpenGL up to V1.3.

Blame Dell for putting such a POS into their notebooks.