i need source code of voloume rendering based 2dTexture

hai , i need complete source code of voloume rendering based 2dTexture in vc++/opengl on windows platform. who can help me? it’s very important for me to start my work.
thank you very much!
my email: guoxusheng@hotmail.com


The possibilities of volume rendering with 2d textures are quite limited, and the implementation is heavily dependent on the effect you want to achieve. You’ll have to be a lot more specific than that, altough I doubt anyone is going to give you complete code anyway.

In general you can either have lots of 2d textures presenting slices in the volume, or you can present the volume with some multitexture trick usually involving crossed textures.


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2D volume rendering is quite easy and was essential on some hardware before 3D texturing became common. The drawback is typically you need 3 copies for the various orientations of the volumes along the cardinal axes to sample the slices correctly.