I need someone with MAX

I need someone to make a simple animation so I can import it and use it for one of my demos for Spider3D. The first one to offer their help and completes what I need will get a free copy of Spider3D when it’s done. You will need to be prompt at everything I ask you to do, or I’ll be forced to find someone else and you forfit your free copy of Spider3D. If you don’t know what Spider3D is you can check out my website spider3d.com.

Here’s what I need. I need an animation of something walking. That something has to be attractive and textured. It needs to be under 6000 polygons. I need it to loop so the walking animation flows smoothly. The animation needs to run at 25 frames per second(0.04 seconds per frame). When you’re done, and I’ve seen the animation in avi form or whatever, then I’ll need you to save each frame as a 3ds file so I can import them.

Thank you so much.

This job has been taken . The guy who’s gonna do it has a bunch of models he made for Unreal Tournament. This outa look pretty cool .