I need some OpenGL welp.

Hey There! xcoud here.

It’s my first post and i’m a newb in this forums so sorry if I don’t understand some answers that are long because it might be hard to understand for me.

I am playing a game by Mojang Developers called Minecraft. I was warned by the game to install OpenGL 2.0 or higher because my OpenGL 1.5 won’t let me play Minecraft in the future versions.

I was also downloading a GLSL Shaders Mod and my Minecraft crashed. It’s because I don’t have OpenGL 2.0 or higher versions. So I came here to ask some questions related to my problem.

Okay, some of you dont understand and will tell me to send this report to Mojang, but I know it’s about my OpenGL Driver’s version, and I would like some help updating/installing it.

Some things I would like to ask when updating my OpenGL drivers:

[li]When I update my OpenGL drivers, should I install a new video card as well?
[/li][li]I’m on Windows 7, I also have Windows 8, but I use it through VirtualBox. Is there anything I should be aware of?
[/li][li]Is there anything I need to know/aware of when updating to OpenGL 2.0?
[/li][li]Am I allowed to update to OpenGL 2.0 when i’m on my Laptop? (OS: Windows 7, 32x)

That’s all I want to ask. And feel free to reply, i’ll be staying here to be updated.