I need OpenGL for *Window ME*

Can some one please give me a link to where i can download OpenGL for Window ME.My video card is Savage4 but i need OpenGL to play Retrun to Castle Wolfenstein.

thx for the help. ShyrukenX

Have you installed a driver for your card? Yes? Well, then you already have OpenGL.

everytime i try to play Return to castle Wolfenstein it say’s

“GLW_StartOpenGL()- could not load OpenGl subsystem”

So i dunt know if i installed my driver

An OpenGL driver is included in every single graphics driver package seen since Quake2 shipped - at the latest. There have been problems on XP lately but they are something different.

I’m absolutely sure that you have OpenGL installed on whatever machine you are using.

It might just be that the minimum requirements of that game are too high for your setup. Maybe it expects GL version 1.3 and the savages haven’t shipped that yet, maybe it requires a particular extension your hardware can’t support. It all boils down to minimum requirements for that game.

So, try getting the latest and greatest driver update … oh, wait, VIA dropped support for the Savage4. Well, then to tell you the hard truth:

You can’t play this game with this card.

(I would accept being proven wrong )

In the games forum on this site, it says to go into the win.ini file, find the line “DVA=0” and put a “;” in front of it to effectivly comment it out. I have never tried because I never had a problem with OpenGL on Win Me or XP pro.

BTW, dont put the quotes…

Maybe you should run the glSetup (included in every game, that uses the Q3 engine, as far as i know). It fixed several problems i had with opengl. Search your CD for glsetup.exe and run that.


ME blows with OpenGL. My roomy could NOT get it working and he has a bad-azz GF2. As soon as he installed XP, it worked again. ME is by far, the WORST *doze OS out. I’ve not met a single person that liked anything about it, aside from the ability to detect bad hardware.