I want to create a 3d Modeling and Animtation program. I want it to allow the user to model, sculpt, edit, and shape their models, rig them with a skeleton, then animate them in a 3d environment, then export their movie to a file format of their choice (avi.,wmv.,etc.)
I want this to be similar to Lightwave, 3dsmax, Anim8or, Blender, etc.
Please help…I’m new to this.

you could go to the blender developers section and have a look at the source code which I think is freely available. As far as I know the gui is called ‘ghost’ and the app is largely written in C and opengl, with a sprinkling of python for scripting

I have tried this once and all i have to say is good luck!

k…you’ve just asked for the Moon and a few extra planets to be thrown in. We can’t help you beyond pointing you to existing tools/codes/tutorials or answer a specific question.