I need help...

Yes, I am a complete noob at OpenGL, and Im looking to learn it. This may be a basic question, but using C++, how do you include the glut32.lib file, actually, where Can i download it, and where do i download it to?


You can download Glut from here: http://www.xmission.com/~nate/glut.html.

If you are working in Windows:

For Borland Builder C++ - choose from menu Project->Add to Project and browse for file.

For MS Visual C++ - choose Project->Settings and in Linker options add glut32.lib to Object/Library Modules line.

For Bloodshed Dev-C++ - choose Project->Project Options->Parameters and click Add Library or Object. Then, browse for lglut32.lib (developed with dev, I think) or glut32.lib.

For Linux:

Aska someone else. I was programming OpenGL only in Win.

Oh! And remember about setting valid directories for libraries (usually lib directory/folder in your compilers dir).

Ask someone else. I was programming OpenGL only in Win.

I was programing OpenGl i Windows only, in the fact .