I need help with this openGL

i just downloaded the demo of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. I installed it and then when I tried to open it, it said “could not load openGL.” I was wondering if anyone knew anything about where I can download this and if anyone knows anything about my chipset. It’s an Intel 82810E.

This problem could be your grafix card, if it does not support openGL then you wont be able to play Return To Castle Wolfeinstien.If it does, then seareach for the file “openGL32.dll” and delete it, then right after that put in your windows cd and install the files you dont have, I have had this problem before.

thsi sit he thord topic ive replied this too, just dsownload GL SETUP and let it download the latest OPEN GL drivers for your card, if you get to the option where you choose force or keep (if this occurs) choose force, let it fin downloading and your away