I need help upgrading OpenGl.

Hi, i have some days trying to upgrade my version of OpenGl. I readed a lot about it, and it sayd if i upgrade the drivers of my Graphic card, the opengl will update too. I talked with Lenovo and Intel to search drivers for my actual graphic card, they told me there are not drivers for my OS and My Graphic card model (Windows xp Professional and Mobile Intel ® 965 express chipset family). I want to know if there is a way to upgrade the OpenGl library without updating the graphic card drivers. I am trying to play Minecraft, and i cant play it until i update the OpenGl Library.


OpenGL version numbers are mostly an indication of the capabilities of your graphics hardware (for example I have a machine with an Nvidia GTX 8800 and it reports OpenGL 3.3, while the same driver version on a machine with a GTX 680 reports 4.3). So while the OpenGL implementation is part of your graphics driver (and therefore updating drivers updates OpenGL), your hardware limits the OpenGL version you have available. If software requires a higher OpenGL version than you have (with the latest drivers installed), then you can not run that software.

FWIW, I believe drivers for your graphics hardware are here.