I need drivers!!!!!!!

Anyone got any drivers or sudgestions to get Unreal to run OpenGL…on the Creative 3D Blaster RIVA TNT2. I have tried both the creative site and the unreal site and they don’t seem to have anything so I was thinking someone out there must have the same problem.

If you mean you want OpenGL drivers for your card, go to nVidia ( http://www.nvidia.com/Products/Drivers.nsf ) and download the reference drivers (probably the best drivers you can find).

If you mean a driver for Unreal to run in OpenGL… well… don’t ask me

A friend of mine tried to run Unreal using OpenGL, but he said it was a pain in the… you know, but he succeded in some way, think it was by using the OpenGL drivers from Unreal Tournament.

I’m looking for opengl drivers too. I’ve got a 3dfx2 and its drivers. it works well with all the games I have, BUT with the programs I make on my own, alone, it doesn’t work any more !!! I must use the opengl32.dll of windows and not the special one of my 3dfx2!!!
Does somebody see where is the pb ?


This is a bit of a long shot, but it might be worth trying. Try finding an opengl32.dll in the directory for one of your games that you know works with OpenGL and copy into the directory with the executable for your program you’re trying to get running. There’s a good chance this won’t work since many OpenGL games use custom, incomplete drivers, but heck, it won’t hurt anything either (just be sure to delete it or rename it later if you want to go back to the drivers registered with the system.

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I have the exact same problem as you. Only thing I’m not sure of is if I am getting 3d acceleration or not. My frame rates drop to about 10fps with a scene with 10,000 wire-frame triangles (a mesh), plus normals for each, one light. (k6-400, 128M). No splash screen ever. I’ve done almost everything I can think of with the libraries + dlls but duh? Sure bugs me.

Glenn Upton : I think you are getting acceleration… 10k triangles is a LOT, you’re not gonna get great framerates without hardware T&L. If you have a voodoo 2 (you seem to be implying that) you actually are getting pretty good performance for that card…

Glennn Upton : You seem to be getting acceleration, but without an almighty CPU, no video card without T&L is going to get good frame rates with 10,000 triangles.

Oliv5 : 3Dfx makes the worst OpenGL drivers on the planet. If you want to program in OpenGL, you’re gonna have to fool around with dlls and stuff a lot. I don’t have a voodoo, but I’ve heard that you should try copying your 3dfxvgl.dll to your program’s folder and rename it to opengl32.dll

Thanks Kaeto. Would sure like to see that splash screen (its enabled) though.
PS Are you saying the Voodoo doesn’t hardware accelerate transform and lighting?
I have a Voodoo 3 2000.

Yes, the only cards that do T&L in hardware right now are the GeForce/GeForce 2 and the Savage2000
I don’t think that even the next-gen chipset from 3Dfx does T&L.

(P.S. I am not looking to get into one of those “3Dfx vs. Nvidia” fights here. Just stating the facts and trying to be helpful)

kaeto : I just tried, a few minutes ago what you said (copy the 3dfxvgl.dll into opengl32.dll and … I’ve just finished booting …
It crashed violently…

I’m trying to download the opengl drivers at www.glsetup.com.
perhaps will it be hte solution.

Hi Guys,
I know of THREE ways to get a 3DFX Voodoo2/3 type card to run hardware accelerated OpenGL, by remapping the OpenGL commands to Glide or Direct3D. The MESA driver gives you an OpenGL32.dll, Glu32.dll and Glut.dll which can either replace the ones in your windows/system folder, or can be placed in the folder with your application leaving the default microsoft ones alone. The Altogl driver is only an OpenGL32.dll replacement, but it has worked on every graphics card I’ve tried it on. It’s functionality is somewhat limited, ie it doesn’t seem to support fog very well. The GLDirect drivers I haven’t tried, but they may have more functionality or extension support the free ones don’t have.

One of these should get you going.

Mesa 3DFX - OpenGL–>Glide Wrapper (Free) http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Lakes/7220/mesa.html

Altogl - OpenGL–>D3D Wrapper (Free) http://www.altsoftware.com/Fopengl.html

SciTech GLDirect - OpenGL–>D3D Wrapper (Costs a few $$) http://www.scitechsoft.com/gldirect.html

You won’t get a splash screen on a voodoo with OpenGL. Its a Glide thing only.

Secondly, on voodoo2’s, if you’re trying to run OpenGL windowed, you’re in software mode. There is NO windowed OpenGL support for the voodoo2’s (no windowed glide either for that matter).

As far as Voodoo3’s go, They have current OpenGL ICD’s.

The key things to note with both Voodoo2 and Voodoo3’s -

Hardware acceleration only occurs at 16-bit colordepth (the GDI can support 32-bit, but 3D only supports 16-bit), and 16-bit z-buffer, full screen.

I have a Voodoo3 3000 in my dev machine, I get respectable framerates on a 70,000 triangle model, without lighting. With lighting, maybe 5 fps at best. This is windowed mind you, and the ICD loads. I don’t know if it’s actually using hardware to accelerate though.

(My 3Dlabs Oxygen VX1 in the same machine on a PCI slot runs a hell of a lot faster)

Hope this helps.

Do NOT get GlDirect… it simply doesn’t work… it runs like a software renderer… the Alt.software wrapper is nice

ok. im not going to say this again because its gettin boring.

I have an opengl32.dll that enables OpenGL acceleration on a Voodoo2 card. You will get the splash screen each time you run your app. Just be careful to note that it only works in fullscreen mode. If anyone wants it, email me at tone@ucsd.edu and I will gladly send it to you.