i need a new opengl32.dll

where can i find a new opengl32.dll to replace my old one?

i found a new opengl32.dll, and replaced it, but when i tried to play on counter-strike (half life mod) it said my video card didn’t support my opengl…? i tried reinstalling my drivers for my video card, didn’t work. i have a radeon 7500 64mb card

i have the same problem with counter strike, it tells me my video card doesnt support open gl
i have a geforce2 gts agp-V7700

can someone help us with this problem plz?

i’m not sure if this will fix it but under your config->video mode, try selecting 3dfx mini driver (or whatever it is)…might work

Try using glsetup… you can find it at www.glsetup.com. I don’t know if it stays updated or anything, but installs the more generic opengl driver. Orelse you can always switch to d3d on cs (i know it’s horrible…but just as long as you can play…ure better off with d3d than glide…glide is outdated…very outdated).

  • Halcyon