I need a new GPU for 3d creation programs.


I have a ATI 7000, AMD XP2800+, 1.5gb pc3200 ram.

I need a new agp card. I’m using Poser7 and Vue6. Vue forces a software emulation of OpenGL. Which makes previewing and building a scene very slow and I can only use wire frame objects in preview.

I was thinking of getting either a ATI X1650 PRO or a NVidia 7300GT, both with 512mb RAM. Or, will a NVidia 6200 256mb do me, with it having OpenGL 2 support?

There is suggestion on another forum that OpenGl is better supported on NVidia. Don’t know if this is true or how important it is and if it makes any difference to me.

Thanks in advance for any help.


The video memory is unnecessary, the low end cards have sometimes more but slower ram.
Some possible AGP nvidia cards:

6200/6500/7100 -> lowest end
7300 -> low end
6600/7600 -> mid end
7800GS -> hard to find

A 7600GT with 256MB DDR3 would be the best choose. The 512 MB variants have slower DDR2 memory

ATI/AMD has some newer AGP cards:
The ram speed varies from 800MHz DDR2 to 2300MHz DDR4.