I must have catched things wrong ...

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Hi ,

I was wondering what is the catch with Collada samples (loader, for instance)

1 - I can’t make it work (the client canvas is transparent, not refreshed, and as I load a .dae, it crashes gently) - is it a graphic card issue,or simply a known issue ?

2 - So I Installed 2008 xpress studio to build it , but I admit I was smashed-amazed when it started complaining about missing MFC/ATL (of course, these are proprietary)

I though COLLADA was aiming at being some sort of open standard to share 3d content

to me, Vstudio and specially, the MFC cr@p is not what i call the most portable option

how do people build this under linux for instance ???

what about people who ave avoided MFC for years and DEFINETELY do not need them ?

please help me out …

thx , have a great day

COLLADA DOM and COLLADA RT are available for Linux/OpenGL.
Many projects (OpenSceneGraph) are available for Linux.

http://collada-dom.svn.sourceforge.net/ … dom/trunk/