I lost my degree sign

Never upgrade just before an important demonstration! I know it, but did it anyway.

I had nice degree signs on my display, but now they are replaced by ‘*’, and I have no idea why.

The code:

s=u"%3d\xb0" % (a)
for c in s:
  print c

The ‘print c’ is just added for testing: that works fine. Only glut fails (or can it be something else?)

s=u’%3d\N{DEGREE SIGN}’ % (a)
fails the same way

The details:
Debian Testing (yesterday)
Python2.3 Version: 2.3.3-5
Package: libglut3 Version: 3.7-22
(need anything else?)

Help is very much appreciated!

It appears that the degree symbol is
supported by OpenGLUT bitmap fonts:



Nigel Stewart