I know that sounds funny, but is there an OpenGL driver for SiS?

I got that stinky integrated SiS620 video card. GLSetup is unable to find any drivers for this piece of crap. On their website (www.SiS.com), they don’t even have technical support and they only accept e-mail in Chinese. If anyone could help me find the driver (if one exists), I would be deadly greatful.

I’ve had an SiS6326 AGP 8MB board and unfortunately i didn’t find any other way than playin in Direct 3D (some cases) or most of the time in SOFTWARE rendering !
SiS SUX ! ! ! :frowning:

I have an integrated SIS 650 Chipset and can´t find any OpenGL Drivers for this f… chip too. I´m running WinXP, but i also get the message “no opengl drivers available for this chip” on Win98SE.

Drop your SiS video board in the trash and buy and newly GeForce series with a minimum of 64Mb SDRAM or DDRAM built in.

if you are richer you can afford the ATI 9700