i keep getting an error:OpenGL can not load subsystem

when i try to load Medal Of Honor it keeps crashing and now when i thought it was the OpenGL I loaded the newer 1 and now it say OpenGL can not load subsystem PLEASE HELP ME I PAID $30.00 FOR IT AND IT SEEM REALY COOL

i’ve had this error once. i installed the nvidia detonator drivers and mohaa automagically ran!

We need more information about your computer system and video card.

Also, why are you loading OpenGL directly?

same here, only i get it in 3 games i paid for, and several free mods for half life. I have a g-force 4 mx 440. I have a amd ahtlon xp 2100 cpu. if u need more info just ask

i found the driver, now i just have to wait to talk to my father b4 i install it since its his comp and all