I have VB5 - what OpenGL stuff do I need?

Hi all,
I make games for a hobby and I am planning on trying out OpenGL, however I am lost. I have VB5 and I am not sure what I need to download to start coding. (with direct x i download the sdk and started right away). can I do this for OpenGL?

Please Help,
Nick Thompson


You need

vbogl.tlb (type library, set reference to it in projects->references)

Also you need to setup a window and pixel format.

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In some older post I found another programmer using VB, maybe you can ask him… but he said everyone not to use VB for ogl!!
Think about C++…

I have C++ but I am still learning it so it will be a long while before i even start on graphics and 3D let alone OpenGL Thanks for the help everyone.